Meet the "Our Whistler Retreat" Team

Ann Forster, Owner

My name is Ann Forster.   I reside in Scottsdale, Arizona. I first visited Whistler in the summer of 2000 and fell in love with this very special place.

I immediately knew I had made a lifetime connection with this very special resort community. We took ownership of  Montebello home (B2) in February 2001.   My children were 7 and 9 at that time,  the next 10 years we spent a block of time each summer to escape the Arizona heat.  Whistler has filled our lives with amazingly wonderful memories. 

We thank you for considering Our Whistler Retreat and allowing our team of professionals to help you coordinate and create your own vacation memories.

Elizabeth McBride & Family

Elizabeth McBride and Family 2016My name is Elizabeth McBride. I have been with Our Whistler Retreat since October 2011. I graduated in 1993 from Northern Arizona  University and bring a marketing and accounting background to this very special company.

I really enjoy the small business atmosphere of Our Whistler Retreat and am extremely proud of the product offering. May 2012 was my first visit to Whistler and Montebello.  The combination of these gorgeous homes and the natural beauty of Whistler makes for a truly an amazing vacation experience.

I look forward to going back someday with my expanded family.  I look forward to the opportunity to help you coordinate as amazing of an experience my daughter and I had in the summer of 2012.

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