Our Whistler Retreat - Owner Feedback


"Ann Forster and OUR WHISTLER RETREAT have been managing our condo for about a year now.  After buying a unit in Montebello, connecting with Ann was our second best move.

Ann is VERY detail oriented, and she is laser focused on providing the renters with the finest vacation stay possible.  She communicates with us via email and phone on a regular basis and is vey direct in what she thinks we should do to make our unit first rate.  When a problem comes up, she also has a solution, as when the floor slate was looking rough.  She located a flooring contractor and gave us several options.  She manages a number of units in the development all of which are the same age, so she was able to negotiate a volume discount which made all of us happy.  She consistently follows up with her network of trades in the Whistler area and is an invaluable resource for furnishings, appliances, and just about anything else the owner needs.

We give OUR WHISTLER RETREAT 6 on a 5 thumb scale."

Marty & Linda  

"Starting as a guest, our experience with Our Whistler Retreat  has transitioned into that of an owner.  As an owner in Montebello II, I am  pleased with the support and insight that Ann has provided over our first year.   Our Whistler Retreat has taken the uncertainties and challenges that a new owner might experience and made our foray into rental property ownership a positive  one.  It's reassuring to know that our investment is in such capable hands. We  look forward to a long relationship with Ann and Our Whistler  Retreat."

John and Mary Beth

"Quality and high standards certainly attracts an appreciative repeat clientele.  We really appreciate your passion and all you are doing.  It's great working together and we look forward to enjoying many years of mutual benefit. 

We are thrilled that your guest's have enjoyed our home so much.  We owe it to you for providing guidance with professional photos and an amenities list.  Yes we have invested to vastly improve on what was there...but we have more work to do adding artwork new beds, upgraded televisions, all to come.  We agree with you, quality and high standards certainly attracts an appreciative repeat clientele.  We really appreciate your passion and  all you are doing.  It's great working together and we look forward to enjoying many years of mutual benefit."

Rob and Sharon

"One of the dilemmas when planning a vacation is finding the perfect accommodations that will fit your needs in a location you have never visited.   That is where Ann Forster comes in.  She not only is an owner in Montebello II, has resided for weeks at a time in the development for over 12 years and held positions on the Strata Council for most of those years.  She is someone who has first hand
knowledge and experience that will give any potential visitor looking for accommodations an inside view of what to expect.

Ann is cordial, professional, honest and strives to please each guest as well as all of the
owners she represents when she personally evaluates the perfect unit that matches your needs, because she knows each unit that is available to rent from Our Whistler Retreat.  She also knows the whole Whistler Resort community and is more than willing to share her knowledge of activities on the mountain, in the Village, in the Valley not to mention the perfect restaurant review to
match your palate. 

As an owner I trust Ann placing renters in my home because she pays close attention to detail when taking a reservation, making a match beneficial for both parties.  When you work with Our Whistler Retreat you get personalized service from the owner of the business you are renting from, not
just someone on the other end of the phone booking accommodations with no knowledge or accountability beyond the initial contact.  I recommend Our Whistler Retreat to any owner thinking of renting out their home and any visitor looking for a top notch business to find accommodations in Montebello II Whistler, BC."

Cathy T.  (Quartershare Owner)

"I have rented my two houses to Ann for many years, and have found her to be highly professional and ethical, paying attention to the needs of both guests and owners. She is very knowledgeable about the Whistler rental market in general and the Montebello development in particular. As an owner and frequent visitor herself, she has a broader perspective than most. I have never had a problem getting in touch and when the occasional problem occurs, she works hard to get it resolved promptly and fairly."

Charlie B.

"We own a unit which we rent out in the Montebello II development in Whistler. Through the course of our ownership, we have had several companies handle the advertising and renting from us. By far the best has been Our Whistler Retreat. Ann Forster and her team have been at this for 11 plus years and is very good at matching guests with available units. She a good sense of where the "market" is so both guest and owner get a fair deal with minimal hassle. In addition to being a great agent, Ann is a trusted advisor helping her clients navigate a fluid landscape. We appreciate her and her team's hard work, integrity, and personalized attention to detail. From advertising, to communicating we are very appreciative of  the relationship we have with Ann."

Paul S.  (Quartershare Owner)

"Ann has rented our suite  from us successfully for the past three years and we appreciate the revenue, the professionalism and the quality rentals Ann provides. Thanks Ann."

Brian & Annie M.  (Quartershare Owner)

"Ann Forster at Our Whistler Retreat has rented from us a few years now. She is fantastic at her job: She is conscientious, warm and personable and yet always highly professional, and timely. I know she treats every renter and property owner with the utmost respect. She has a lively personality and wonderful sense of humor and is a delight to work with. She communicates promptly with us by email and telephone to confirm reservations and schedules. She knows Whistler and Montebello (our development), and our actual unit, inside and out. I cannot imagine a better rental agent for our home in Montebello."

Donna & David R.  (Quartershare Owner)

"As an owner of a property at a resort village like Whistler, I have had the experience of working with a number of different property managers/renters over the years. Without question, Ann is the most effective at making sure the renters are qualified and will take care of the property.  Her communication skills are great, both with respect to property owners and to renters and payments are sent on time and as expected, without any surprises!  I appreciate working with her and will continue to do so, so long as I remain an owner."

Chris K.  (Quartershare Owner)

"I have owned a townhome in Montebello since 2000 and I have known Ann Forster since 2004.  During that time, like a good neighbor she has helped me with rentals as well as finding people and businesses that have provided top quality housecleaning, repairs, furnishings, and other services.   She has always conducted herself and her business with the highest level of professional pride and personal service.   I am the President of the Strata Council since 2007 at Montebello and she has served on the same council since 2003.   Without question, I would recommend her services to anyone.  If you have, any questions please feel free to contact me at"

Dave G.

"I have a unique perspective of Ann since I first experienced her service as a customer of Our Whistler retreat in the winter of 2008. My experience with Ann in this capacity was from renting one of the homes in Montebello.  I loved Montebello so much that I decided to buy one and Ann was a great help to me with all the knowledge she has with Montebello and Whistler. I have been an owner since March 2008 and have worked with Ann on the owner side of things since then.  Ann  is honest, reliable, fair and always very pleasant to deal with and I would recommend her to anyone to rent to or from.  She has served on our developments Strata Council ensuring our development always looks it's best for owners and guests.  As a neighbor and friend, she is there 24/7 when I have a question or need anything with regard to Montebello or Whistler in general."

Sue M.

"Ann has always been kind, professional and immediate with all our questions and inquiries. She is top shelf in her service for us at Montebello."

Jay & Lynne E. - (Quartershare Owner)

"I have had the pleasure of working with Ann Forster for the past 3 years and she has always maintained a very professional yet caring attitude. She understands the needs of the complex and the high value of my property and conducts her business with this very much in mind. I feel comfortable that she is also a fellow owner and has offered great advice and direction on anything that has to do with keeping my Montebello home in its original splendor. It is an absolute enjoyment to work with her and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for someone to rent to or from."

Lynne V.

"I have known Ann Forster for over 10 years. My experience with Ann and 'Our Whistler Retreat' has always been that of a reliable and professional service.

She has continued to strive for excellence in the manner in which she conducts business and is consistent on all levels.  She puts her guests first and works hard at maintaining this high level of service.  I have worked and will continue to work closely with Ann, hopefully for many years to come."
Brenda O.

"Ann Forster of Our Whistler Retreat has been my sole rental agent for the entire time I have owned my Montebello home (slightly over 5 years). I have been more than satisfied with her services and her advice. The renters are screened well as I've never had an issue with a guest that Ann has placed in our home. Ann takes great care of everyone involved and most importantly handles the guests.

Thank you Ann, I'll be using her services for as long as I rent out my home."

Dan B.

"Our Whistler Retreat has represented rented from us for about five years. Ann is considerate of our need to schedule family use at Whistler first and then she actively pursues the rental of our home for the rest of the time. This approach has allowed us to maximize our investment at Whistler. She is honest and a delight to work with.  Her contacts and knowledge of the market are broad and is amazingly responsive when we need to contact her. It has been an excellent experience."

Judy B. (Quartershare Owner)

"Ann has been very helpful and creative with her rentals. She finds ways to put people and ideas together - but always checks to ensure that professionalism is at the core. A good fit only works when all parties are happy - and we have been very pleased in working with Ann!"

Mary M. (Quartershare Owner)

"Ann Forster has renting my Whistler property from us for the past 4 years and I must say that she has been very honest, diligent and courteous to both me and my family over the time that I've known her."

Ray M.


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