Dine in Whistler Series

Date:    Thursday, May 01, 2014
Time:    N/A
Where:  Throughout Whistler

Dine In Whistler Series

The Dine In Whistler Series is a 2-week culinary series that features 26 Whistler restaurants. Participating restaurants will offer three to four-course menus at discounted prices. Each restaurant will offer a menu in the $21, $31, $41 or $61 price range.

There are several types of dining experiences available during the event including everything from pub style food to eccentric ethnic cuisine to fine dining. The event takes place from May 1 to 15 so make sure to get out there and take advantage before it's over.

Check all of the participating restaurants below. Click on the restaurant name to preview the Dine In menu.

Photo Credit: Mike Crane

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