Whistler World Ski and Snowboard Festival - April 10 - 19, 2015

Date:    Friday, April 10, 2015
Time:    All Day
Where:  Throughout Whistler Village

World Ski and Snowboard Festival 2015

WSSF Concert

We are looking forward to this classic Whistler event. For one week in April, get ready to begin that transition from winter to summer, by spending an entire week celebrating the ski and snowboard world. the WWSSF repeats the mantra: Party in April, Sleep in May for the entire week, and definitely helps you do just that. Dancing, Concerts, Pro Skiers and Snowboarders, Fashion and more.

Each year, this event gets bigger and bigger, with more and more energy. We're looking forward to some very high energy this year, so get ready. Whether you ski or snowboard, whether you prefer the fashion or the music, there is something for everyone who appreciates the skiing and snowboarding season we've just finished in Whistler.

The concerts are legendary, the ski and snowboard shows something that gets talked about for months afterward, and the different video and film competitions are just a ton of fun. What a great, uniquely Whistler way to wind down the season and say good bye with a splash. And, of course, because this is Whistler, the slopes will still be open, so make sure to make to most of your time together and ski and snowboard as well as taking part in all the concerts and fun.

There will be professional athletes, videos, musicians and more for you to take in and enjoy. The entire week is non-stop, so bring your skis and snowboards and be ready for a full week of Whistler at her most energetic.


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