Christmas at Our Whistler Retreat

Christmas at Our Whistler Retreat

Christmas in Whistler at

December 1st is the date that is socially acceptable to put your Christmas decorations up; that's if you were not naughty and put them up earlier. The ski resort town of Whistler guarantees you a white Christmas and the town ensures you have more than enough activities to keep you occupied when you're not on the slopes.

Wednesday Bonfires at Whistler Olympic Park

Everyone loves a good bonfire with stories told and marshmallows roasted. Each Wednesday starting at 5 PM, you will want to head to Whistler Olympic Park. The Park is yours to explore: When you get cold you can simply run back to the infamous Olympic Rings where the bonfire will be keeping everyone warm. Vehicle parking at the event is $10.

Christmas Eve Carol Service

Hosted by the Whistler Children's Chorus and Whistler Singers at the Westin Resort & Spa is the 30th annual Christmas Eve Carol Service. Make sure you're there at 6:30 PM on the 24th to hear traditional carols and various readings from community members. It is just the treatment you will need to remind yourself what is important the following day.

At Our Whistler Retreat, our family bond strengthens during the Christmas as we want you to enjoy your Christmas as we do. If you require any assistance at all, never hesitate to reach out. After all, the day is about being thankful. We are thankful that we have spent the last three years developing Our Whistler Retreat and we hope you can feel the appreciation during your stay.

Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler / Chad Chomlack

Posted: Tuesday, December 24, 2013

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