2015 Cornucopia — Ready, Set, GO!

Whistler Cornucopia CRUSH

The Gala Event is CRUSH

The signature party for this eleven-day tribute to the best in food, wine and spirits is called CRUSH, and it is a masterpiece. A perfect highlight to a perfect harvest festival for those who truly love good food and drink.

The entire eleven days celebrates aspects of food, wine and spirits that make food social. Some events are lavish and lush, some more intimate. You might choose to sip scotch, or learn more about wines of South Africa. Top chefs, both local and from around the world, come to teach their secrets during the culinary stage series. There's also a cook-off of sorts, called "So You Think You Can Cook?" as well as dinner parties and a "nourish" series which includes yoga and meditation.

Choose As Much or As Little As You Like

Cornucopia includes over a hundred events. On some of the days, multiple events run all day long, and well into the night. After parties follow everything, ending in the wee hours. The earliest start times are 8:00 AM. And you can choose to participate in as many of these as you like (provided they're not sold out!)

2015 Cornucopia is the 14th annual event. Last year was the first year the celebration lasted eleven days and nights, from a simple five in previous years. The choices can seem almost overwhelming, but event planners are happy to help you make the right choices, and are on hand to give advice on a great package for what you want to experience. Go to the schedule for Cornucopia, and have a look for yourself at the incredible array of ways to celebrate food and drink.

We hope to see you at Cornucopia this year.

Posted: Friday, October 31, 2014

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