2014 Whistler Blackcomb Opening Day

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2014 Season Begins! Whistler Blackcomb Official Opening Day

Thursday, November 27, 2014: The Whistler Blackcomb season officially begins! Because of unseasonably cold weather and the dedication of the staff at Whistler Blackcomb, Whistler Mountain opened November 22, with 5 runs and both Whistler gondolas running from 8:30 to 2:00 pm. We say the dedication of the staff because it took hours of extra work and 60 million gallons of snow from Whistler's snowmaking machines to make it work.

This Thursday, November 27, however, is the official opening day for both mountains.

Hours of operation are 8:30 to 3:00 with last upload from the village at 2:00. The Whistler Village gondola, the Creekside gondola, Excalibur and Wizard Express plus the Peak-2-Peak gondolas are all open. 

You're probably wondering how much actual downhill vertical terrain is open on both mountains: We could simply say "a lot" but you probably want the full story. That would be 730 metres or 2,395 vertical feet on Blackcomb and 750 metres or 2,469 vertical feet open on Whistler. 

Cool New Gondola Cabins

Say goodbye to the 80s! Whistler Mountain has been loading guests to the top of the mountain since 1988, but this year, it's with all new cabins. With new "Diamond" cabins, designed by Sigma, these new cabins comfortably seat 8 passengers at a time, with outside racks for gear. There are improvements to the lift terminals at the base, at Olympic Station and at the top by Roundhouse Lodge. 

All this means, basically, that in the number one ski resort in North America (voted again in 2015 by Ski Magazine, among others) you'll be uploaded in even more style and comfort than in previous years.

Things keep getting better and better at the best resort. That tells us that they aren't resting on their laurels and that you will have a wonderful year this year on Whistler Blackcomb.

Hands-Free Lift Access with the New RFID


Wouldn't skiing be great if you weren't always fumbling around for your pass or lift ticket every time you wanted to get on a lift? Well, this year, Whistler Blackcomb is introducing the RFID, the Radio Frequency Identification Device. This technology is integrated into your lift ticket, EDGE Card or Season Pass. And it will automatically register and open an access gate so you can ride the lift.

Worried about Privacy?

No personal information is transmitted through the RFID chip. A randomly generated number associated with your card (or lift ticket) is matched up and transmitted. There is absolutely no way that this RFID can be anything but helpful to you on the ski hill. We encourage you to email the folks at Whistler Blackcomb if you have any questions about how this will work, but we are confident that it will be nothing but convenient for guests this year.

Snow School Private Lessons

Private lessons can be a great way to begin your season. Often there are a few days where you regain your "ski legs" and spend time relearning what you accomplished the season before. A private lesson or two can really speed up that process and get you back to (and surpassing) your spring ski prowess within hours.

Whistler Blackcomb is committed to encouraging lessons, and has, as of this year, expanded its private lesson options to include families. Take advantage of this new offering and consider a family private lesson. They have also lowered the minimum age for a private lesson to 2.5 years (30 months) - so you can allow your little one to have a private lesson on his or her own this year.

Posted: Friday, November 28, 2014

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