7 Whistler Vegetarian Restaurants

7 Great Whistler Restaurant Options for Vegetarians / Vegans

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Numbers of vegetarians and vegans are increasing in significantly lately with no sign of that stopping.

Whistler has recognized this and therefore if you are a vegetarian or vegan, we have listed 7 great Whistler restaurant options for vegetarians/vegans below.

1. Mongolie Grill

The worlds famous stir fry is a great option for vegetarians. The restaurants unique concept allows you to choose the vegetables and sauces you want in your stir fry before the chefs grill them to perfection. Mongolie Grill is a great option for those wanting a fresh, healthy meal.

2. Dups Burritos

Mexican food is a vegetarian and vegans delight. The authentic Mexican food at Dups Burritos does not disappoint with their vegetarian quesadillas, tacos and burritos. Simply mention to the knowledgeable staff that you are vegan and they will ensure that no dairy products make it onto your plate. 

3. The Roundhouse Lodge

The Roundhouse Lodge perched atop off Whistler Mountain caters extremely well to vegans. The five options they have are:
 - African peanut and yam soup - Rice bowl with tofu and vindaloo soup - Roasted vegetable chipotle chile - Yam fries (no dip) - Whole fruit and fruit cups There vegetarian list is even more extensive with pizza, salad, stew and wraps galore.

4. Rendezvous Lodge

Rendezvous Lodge is another great restaurant for vegan and vegetarian food on Whistler Mountain. Known for its Mediterranean style, the roasted vegetable and falafel pitas are a massive fan favorite. Meanwhile on a particularly cold day, it is hard to go past the variety of soups.

5. The Nest Restaurant

This award winning restaurant has collected Readers Choice Awards for its desserts, Caesar salad and most romantic dinner spot in 2013. They have great diversity in their menu, ensuring the vegan and vegetarian in you does not go hungry. You know they are leaders in the restaurant world when there salad is named, baby kale salad in response to kales significance in a vegetarian's diet in the last few years.

6. Spitz Grill

The Main Street restaurant Spitz Grill holds the title of No.1 burger in Canada as judged by Readersdigest.ca. For the vegans, there is the spicy lentil burger while vegetarians can also delve into the Vegetarian Sandwich.

7. Caramba Restaurant

While there is a small selection of vegan options, the wood fired vegetarian pizzas are a must have in this Mediterranean inspired restaurant. The Fungi pizza features various mushrooms as the topping, while the Pesto and La Rua pizzas ensure the decision for vegetarians is not easy. Whistler truly is a resort town that recognizes it receives visitors from all over the world. The seven restaurant options above are just a sample of vegan and vegetarian options on offer.


Photo Credit: Justa Jeskcova

Posted: Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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