Most Romantic Whistler Proposals

Whistler Sees Some Gorgeous Romantic Wedding Proposals

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Couples seem to be attracted to Whistler as a place where they can create the ultimate in a romantic, but also adventurous wedding proposal. 

Stories of Whistler proposals include a couple snowshoeing for 2 and a half hours to a gorgeous frozen waterfall, where the event took place. The bride-to-be said it was perfect. We can only imagine. 

It is the fact that in Whistler, we are surrounded by the best in adventuring, arts, culture, nightlife and luxury that makes this place ideal for any romantic event. You can literally let your imagination run wild and do nearly anything here.

In 2005, Seal famously helicoptered here with Heidi Klum to the top of a glacier, at 14,000 feet, where he had a specially built igloo, equipped with everything they would need. There, he proposed to Heidi, and she said "Yes." The two had two sons and a daughter, but then broke up in 2012. 

In 2012, A couple got engaged on Seventh Heaven, on Blackcomb mountain. Steve asked Tara to marry him after a snowboard run, filmed by a friend. Tara had no idea that she was going to be asked, and the surprise is evident on her face as her long time boyfriend gets down on one knee in the snow and asks her.

And Now, The Lion King Flashmob Proposal

We thought we'd heard everything, but Jared has asked Sophie to marry him, and he did it in a lion costume in Village Square. Sophie had no idea what was about to happen, even though she was surrounded by over 200 of her friends who were all gathered around the Village Square at 4:00 Saturday afternoon, ostensibly to watch a dance. Vibe Dance Centre dancers began to move to Imagine Dragons and then to "Marry Me Baby" and finally to the Lion King song "Love is in the Air Tonight". At this point, Jared emerges from the back of the flashmob wearing a lion costume and covered in a blanket. Het moves to the front of the dancers, and then toward Sophie, who stands there, with her camera, completely unaware of what is going on in front of her. Jared begins to ask her, and she immediately understands. A huge smile crosses her face, and she says "Yes" 

In a beautiful and touching scene, the two embrace in the centre of the square in front of all their friends. 

We're sure there will be more romantic proposals in Whistler. We've got the perfect combination of amenities to make any dream come true.

Posted: Wednesday, March 26, 2014

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