Tough Mudder — Toughest Event in Whistler Raises Money

Are you ready? This June is the month of Tough Mudder in Whistler. Either a full 16 - 20 kilometres on June 18th and 19th, or a half Mudder on June 25th with "only" 8 kilometres.

Tough Mudder is a mud and obstacle course that hopes to be about the stories you tell rather than the prizes you win. You get the heck out of your comfort zone and climb, fly, crawl and drag yourself through a number of the most difficult challenges you may well ever face.

And you'll be back for more. The challenges aren't about being fast. It's not about the podium, not about clocks. It's about grit, teamwork, camaraderie and the sense of accomplishing something you weren't sure you were going to be able to. It's about finishing.

Tough -Mudder

Tougher as a Team

A huge part of completing the Tough Mudder is the team. You may start alone, but you don't finish alone. You will help and be helped as you move through the course, challenging yourself with obstacles that you really weren't sure you'd be able to finish. And maybe you wouldn't have, had you not had help.

All in or Half in?

Not ready for a full commitment to mud and grit and pain? June 25th is Tough Mudder Half. Instead of a two-day ordeal, it's only one day. And you still get the cold beer afterward. It's your first step to joining the legions of likeminded people - 2 million worldwide - who have overcome the mud and obstacles together. 

Free Tough Mudder

Turn your Tough Mudder experience into a fundraising event and you can run the Tough Mudder for free while raising money for an awesome charity. You'll be able to help make a difference to someone in need, run the Tough Mudder for free, put some meaning in that mud, and choose from over a hundred great charities to support. If you'd like to consider helping out in this important way, learn more about our Charity Family and sign up! 

Are You Ready for The Tough Mudder PLEDGE?

  • We are part of Mudder Nation
  • We challenge ourselves to change ourselves
  • There's no 'I' in Mudder
  • We will leave our fears at the start line

If you're ready, sign up and join in! There is room to participate or be a spectator. Either way, be a part of the challenge.


Posted: Wednesday, June 08, 2016

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